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An Evening With Kevin Smith

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Oh, Kevin Smith. I love this man.

I've seen him twice , once at NYCC and at a event just for him in Knoxville in 2016.

Every time he's uplifts the crowd, makes us laugh, and makes everyone think of where we want to go next in our life.

A few things I can say about Kevin Smith, he's a very down to earth guy. He wants his fans to achieve their dreams. He encourages it. I've seen him take demos of people's fan-films from the audience. He just wants everyone to have a lighthearted good time.

During his panels you might hear him talking about the passion he has for his work, You might witness a proposal (I've seen it happened twice), getting to hear hour long stories about Star Wars and comic con, and the encouragement he gives to all of his fans is fantastic.

Me personally when I leave his panel, I self reflect on what I would like to do moving forward. I usually laugh my butt off, and come out of the panel smiling like a opossum.

I need to give him some credit as well, once I left his panel I decided I wanted to start a blog and document all of my convention excursions.

Below are some clips of his panel from when he first saw the Millennium Falcon from the Force Awakens Movie Set.

(Warning there is some language)


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